Distrocuyo Corporation is an Argentinean company which distributes power by Cuyo trunk transmission, and designs high and medium-voltage distribution system. As a pioneer in the electrical sector, it has started its activities since 1995, and it has branched out in Cuyo region under a strong development and growth plan in the power market for Latin America.


Our activities are focused on the quest for dynamic procedures that ensure growth. We specialize in power transmission, works and services; while providing comprehensive solutions for international market. We are builders of transformer stations and we solve electrical infrastructure requirements in high and medium-voltage lines for the Oil & Gas, Mining, Renewable Energy, and Electric System areas, with a scope that ranges from engineering to commissioning, start-up, and maintenance.

Our mission, which is based on company’s purpose and on its main objectives, is to design, develop, build, operate, and maintain electric power systems and infrastructure, while standing out by the quality of our work and the professionalism of our people. Moreover, our vision which is focused on our purposes and ambitions is to be an exponent in the field of restructuring the Argentine electricity market to achieve business’ sustainability and to position ourselves as high-level competitors in the electrical works business. Our vision is also to be strategic suppliers of the mining and oil industry; and the multinational company with the capacity to sell and perform works, operation and maintenance, throughout Latin America.

Based on the beliefs and principles that govern our company, that guide the action, and that set guidelines of our human resources, we respond to the values ​​that identify us, inspire, and aid us in the decision-making process.

Focused on professionalism and thanks to our collaborators, “human resources” are Distrocuyo’s main assets, a component and driving force of our company, which is made up of teams of qualified professionals committed to their labor, dedicated to managing expectations and to meeting our customer needs and desires, with experience that achieves the highest national and international standards. We are aware that all natural resources and technological tools need the human essence to operate, and we always bear this in mind, with dedication and commitment.

Therefore, in order to maximize responsible and competitive growth, we encourage the training and development of our personnel through training and education that will allow them to strengthen their skills, improve themselves, and acquire new knowledge as tools. Company’s main policy in the subject of human resources values ​​the effort and work commitment, promoting a healthy and safe work environment, which focuses on improving the quality of life of our collaborators. In this way, Human Resources become our main asset: “we are Distrocuyo, we are a family.”


En sintonía con la función de compliance(cumplimiento normativo) Distrocuyo S.A. establece las bases de su código de conducta desde perspectivas de ética e integridad, para velar por el cumplimiento adecuado de la normativa aplicable a la empresa, ya sea a nivel interno como externamente. En responsabilidad y obligación de ejercer un buen criterio de comportamiento, el código de conducta tiene como finalidad instaurar un conjunto de valores, principios y normas que orienten la actuación de los colaboradores, garantizando la sustentabilidad en la organización, transparencia y responsabilidad social, indispensable para asegurar la confianza de accionistas, clientes, proveedores, colaboradores y demás sujetos alcanzados.